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  • About Me

    • Rock (60s & 70s); Classical; R&B; Jazz; Blues; some Rap; Opera; International music; anything that makes you want to get up and dance

    • NCIS and all similar....

    • William Faulkner; Tony Hillerman; T.S. Eliot; W.H. Auden; Graham Greene; James Baldwin; Ralph Ellison; W.E.B. Debois, almost any good book you put in front of me now (but give me a few mins to decide)

    • College Basketball; a little bit of most sports.....

    • Old '60s hippie, went to college, major English Lit, minors Philosophy and History; worked 22 yrs for international human rights group; did many jobs; got interested in photography in '70s; computers in 1981. Then worked as computer consultant and then at university programs. Interested in any and all things that help us communicate better, be they computers, phones, games, literature, or, yes, even Philosophy, chess, music. Whatever makes us better together.