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  • TONEY is Burning


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    If God opened the flood gates that keeps hell in Where would you be during the flood? My webpage is well worth the waste of time. Whoa gas now at 4.20

    November 21, 2006



  • About Me

    • I am a juggalo and also a buff i like it all from breaking benjamins to korn and so on UPDATE: Go to his webpage he is a great preacher he brought me and my wife and family closer to God

    • i love all superman movies and action not much into the love movies, I am a christian Go Todd Bentley.

    • When some one said 3 years from now you would be long gone I would punch them in the mouth cause there all wrong. Pink (Who Knew) Time is something doing but not improving. I thought I lost my faith But My family And Todd Bently restored it. So your death right? Yeah I am Death and i am Here for you. Really cause I thought you"ll be bigger. Who in the fuck you think i am Dalton from Roadhouse get the fuck in the van jackass i got others to pick up beofre the nights done!

    • My houmer,Wits and wisdom and my abilty to convince people of anything.

    • GOD,Todd bently and My Wife and my Babies I have 2 Sons,

    • Dreaming is left for thoes who dont do it during daytime I rather sleep but if my dreams came true we all be saved.

    • He is my Icon I love the storylines and He is my hero in a way I wanna be him or have his powers....Oh Ok If i Had his powers I would be a supervilin and rob banks and shit and enslave people to do my evil biddings

    • he got a revival in lakewood florida he got a new arena and is gonna be there for the next 40 days lets hope longer.