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  • D-D Da Chocolate Princess

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    Yes, I do have photos of me that you will like, but I do not display them here !!!!

    February 15, 2010







  • About Me

    • My Nick-Name is Dee-Dee, (or sumtimez Da Chocolate Princess)

    • R-Rated, X-Rated

    • BET. Videos of Usher, Jay-Z, D'Angelo

    • Books like "it's Like Candy"

    • Softball and Cheerleading and Dancing

    • Freaky Ones (( Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice Guy, is so phreakin sexxxy ! ))

    • Wet Ones

    • See the pic. (I have many pics - but Tagged doesn't let me send them through Tagged by internet.)

    • Playette

    • call me (just ask me for da numba)

    • email me (just ask me for da addy)

    • In my life, every day is like my birthday ! and I like to celebrate

    • Choclate

    • Neat Hair-style (short or bald), Pure Skin (that means limited tattoos), Eyes that undress me, a strong muscular tongue, trimmed fingernails, good cologne, good breath, kissable lips, a decent size below

    • Messy Hair, Too much hair on a guy's head, too many tattoos dats "skin pollution", long fingernails, saggy pants, bad breath, cussing and swearing, flunkers dat fail their tests and exams, drugiez and weed-smokers cuz children and families in Mexico and USA are dying becuz of drug bizz. So No Way. People dying! And boys with no future who gotta join gangs to make it. WEAK !

    • @DeeDeeDaDelisus

    • You smokers do not impress me. I think it's messy and nasty. I don't like that stench on your clothes and in your mouth. Getting high is for losers who aren't going anywhere in life. That kind of addiction costs you money now and later in your future hospital bills. Dying of cancer happens way too much in my family and I hate it.

    • People with weak minds who hear what Trump says and believe him when he fakes claims being for any sort of unity and when he lies about Obama doing nothing for us, or when he insults us by asking what do we have to lose, as if we're lower than the soles of his shoes. I'm also disgusted by folks who don't know what's going on, or who don't care. You better wake up !

    • I think you guys using drugs, promoting drugs, selling drugs, including WEED have a big deficiency in your lives, and you're weak in the mind, irresponsibly short-sighted, lacking purpose and ambition in your lives, and being fools in choosing a lifestyle that is equivalent to LOSING and SELF-CENTEREDNESS. So many Losers I'm seeing here on Tagged.