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    THIS GROUP IS FOR THOSE WISHING TO COME TOGETHER TO ENCOURAGE IN GOD'S WORD THAT WE ALL MAY DRAW CLOSER TO JESUS. Please allow us to provide the best topics of your interest by sharing in the group! IF YOU DO NOT GAIN ENTRY A MESSAGE FROM US MAY BE NEEDED TO ENTER. PLEASE ENABLE US TO MESSAGE YOU TEMPORARILY. Blessings. THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT RESOURCES TO ENABLE EACH OF US TO SEEK AND STUDY THE TRUTH. feel welcome to participate in all discussion topics, lets focus on the complete word of God in His never changing context . DISCUSSION TO GROW IN SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING & DRAW CLOSER TO WHERE GOD MIGHT LEAD EACH ONE OF US. ***** PLEASE NOTE: By entering the group, each member agrees to respect fellow members and abide by the conditions set out in the announcement topic: "THE PURPOSE OF THE GROUP", by this one will refrain from aggravation and Hate towards fellow members. THANK YOU. THAT IS CHRIST'S WAY. IN IT WE ENCOURAGE AND ASK ENCOURAGEMENT. GOD BLESS.

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    John In Honour of My SAVIOUR, JESUS