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  • Amy V

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    Ciao, baby!

    March 26, 2007



  • About Me

    • I'm a rocker. I like anything from Nickelback to Motley Crue and Van Halen. Also, me being Italian, I grew up with Italian music and Frank Sinatra.

    • I love mafia/mobster movies. My favorite movies, "The Godfather" and "Goodfellas". Sex In The City, The Crow and Batman: "The Dark Knight"

    • News, E!, Animal Planet, and sometimes MTV and VH1. Wrestling once in awhile. Hey, just because I'm involved in it doesn't mean I watch it all the time. Sometimes I get sick of it. I'm clueless of what's all going on now. LOL!! But, really, I don't have the time to watch television because of my busy schedule. And I really miss Sopranos, Sex And The City, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. :(

    • "A Brand Called You" by Peter Montoya.

    • Love to watch football, baseball, soccer, motocross, skateboarding (my cousins are pros at this), hockey, pretty much any sport that has high energy and impact. Nothing boring like golf.

    • Model/Actress/Wrestling Entertainer

    • My eyes, lips, legs, butt, and my award winning personality. :)

    • Spending time with family, friends, and pets, working out, Tai Chi, kick boxing, and if I have time, checking out the latest flicks in theater.

    • To bring happiness to myself and to other people whether it be in the work I do at shows, photographs, or films or in real life in general whether it be love, family, and friendships, and to always be remembered for that.

    • Please be respectful. I automatically delete any perverted messages. Please keep those thoughts to yourself. Thanks!